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Screeding Central London – Paper Nightclub.


We have just finished Screeding Westminster’s Paper Nightclub based in Westminster, Central London, Leicester Square. Unfortunately, the floor had to be rescreeded as the original, laid by another company had failed. It had started to crack and crumb – it was literally disintegrating on contact and had only recently been installed.

Screeding Westminster Paper Nightclub after fail screed by another company.

The project requirements were complicated as the screed depths varied greatly from 25-350mm, it had to be hard wearing as it would be subject to high footfall – withstanding those Westminster and Central London clubbers! Additionally, sections needed to be laid onto a Delta tanking membrane and to make this Wesminister job more complicated, ramps and steps were required.

We’ve Finished Screeding Westminster Paper Nightclub to SR1 standard


Screeding Paper Nightclub, Westminster Dance Foor Pit

An area of the floor was a pit that would bear the load of a hydraulic lift for professional dancers to appear on so it needed to be extra strong to take the weight of the heavy machinery.


Busy Leicester Square & Central London is not the ideal place for our equipment and materials but we laid 1,000m2 of Screed

The area was extensive at over a 1,000m2 and the space for our equipment and materials was minimal, as it was a portion of the pavement.


Wire Reinforcement in Westminster Paper Nightclub

We laid a specialist polymer screed that is exceptionally strong and ideal to be laid a depths from 10mm upwards reinforced with a D49 wire mesh. As the bonded screed was being laid in a basement it had the added benefit of being water resistant, could take foot traffic in 12hrs and fast drying at 25mm’s a week.

 Finished Screed protected with plastic covering which protects it whilst other contractors are working plus it slows down the curing process

With our expert knowledge and extensive experience we were able to provide one solution to answer all the projects requirements. The client had planned to lay a resin flooring on top but he was so pleased with the smoothness and flatness of our work that he simply painted it with epoxy paint. So we also saved him some money! Call us today to see how we can help you with your project on 0207 099 6264.


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We've Finished Screeding Central London - Paper Nightclub to SR1 standard

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