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Clients often request a square metre price for floor screed, the cost of screed is determined by a number of factors. We have provided some information below to help you understand how a project is priced.

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Materials: Screed is a combination of sharp sand, cement and water. The materials have to be mixed on site using a pump. Alternatively it is factory batched and delivered to site, which is called readymix. Readymix is generally more expensive than site mixed sharp sand and cement but entails less labour and equipment. The floor screed may also require curatives that are used to improve its performance. Curatives are used for different requirements such as to increase strength, reduce drying times and diminish cracking and shrinkage. The cost of these admixtures has to be taken into account. Some projects call for insulation, wall abutments and damp proof membrane (DPM). The price of these products has to be considered but also the labour involved in laying them. Evidently ordering large quantities of a product reduces its price. Therefore the size of a project has an implication to the cost of the materials.

Labour: Floor screeding is one of the most physically demanding trades in the building industry. The screed is laid and levelled by hand. It is a skilled trade and takes years of experience to become an expert. However using someone other than a trained screeder (such as a plasterer) could be an expensive mistake to rectify. The quality and level of screed has consequences on all the trades that follow it. A screeder is trained in how to lay a level floor, how to batch the screed correctly, has knowledge of any preparation required and equipped correctly.

Site: Access to the site may be an issue. Is there space for open loads of materials, access to water and room for equipment? Open loads of sharp sand are cost effective in comparison to sites with limited access that require bagged materials. Restricted access can also mean that more labour is needed to transfer the bagged materials. Large open spaces are normally quicker to screed and therefore more economical than smaller rooms that can be time consuming. The levels within a room can also be a factor with a screeder trying to balance the level across an uneven base. It is also more cost effective for continuous schedules of work in comparison to projects that require areas to be screeded in phases.

O. C. Floor Screeding will gladly answer any of your questions and welcomes all projects either domestic or commercial. Call us today for a quotation on 0207 099 6264 or fill out an enquiry form.

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