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Granolithic Screed for Mayfair Electrical Substation

As a floor screeding contractor, we recently completed a granolithic screed project in Mayfair, London. The floor was to be used for an electricity sub-station and so a heavy-duty screed was the ideal solution to bear the dense loads of the machinery. The granolithic screed was fortified with D49 wire mesh reinforcement for added strength and crack control. Granite chippings were also combined with the mix for extra support. This type of screed can be left without floor finishes and has water resistant qualities. It is ideal for warehouses, sub-stations, industrial units and garages – basically all floors that have to withstand heavy loads. It can also be coated with epoxy paint for safety features and aesthetics. The main contactor John Doyle was really pleased with the outcome and it demonstrates another of our screeding solutions. The photographs below depicts the screeding process for this project.

Granolithic Screed

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