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Fibre screed, also called PP fibre or reinforced screeding, is excellent in any situation. Polypropylene fibres (referred to as PP fibres) are combined with the sand and cement screed and they are thoroughly dispersed during the mixing process. This practise of combining products to the basic components of screed is called admixtures. The use of fibres inhibits shrinkage, settlement cracking, increases strength, permeability and is more impact resistant. It can be used as a bonded, unbonded, or floating screed, over insulation and with under floor heating. At O. C. Floor Screeding we use it as a standard with all our screed systems as we believe that it provides a superior quality.

Screed fibres

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Site Location: Witham, Essexx
Area: 8,600m2. Houses and flats.
Spec: Grd Floor – 1200g DPM, 75mm of Kingspan insulation, 500g DPM, perimeter strips and 75mm fibre screed. 1st, 2nd & 3rd Floors – rubber insulation and 65mm fibre screed.

Screeding Witham

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