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O. C. Floor Screeding has a vast wealth of knowledge built on our years of experience within the industry to advise you on the most efficient floor preparation for your project. Our screeders are trained and experience in the correct application of these primers, damp proof membranes, insulations and sealers.

Primers are used to bond a screed to the base whether a concrete structure, polythene or metal base. It is important to ensure that the screeding system adheres to the existing base. There is a wide range of primers available for the different types of screed systems and bases.

Screed Primer

Damp Proof Membranes
Damp proof membranes or DPM’s are generally used to separate the screed or insulation from the concrete base and to prevent rising damp. They are generally available in the form of polythene sheeting which is laid prior to the screed and/or insulation. Liquid DPM’s are also available to use in specific situations.

Damp Proof Membranes for Screed

Insulation is used to prevent thermal (heat) and acoustic (noise) loss. 15-20% of all household heat loss is via the floor. Insulation comes in a wide range of depths, U Values, compressive strengths (for areas of high foot traffic) and waterproof variants. Polystyrene or EPS insulation can also be used in some instances to reduce the depth of the screed for cost saving benefits. It is important to ensure that the insulation is laid correctly so that there are no gaps or movement that will affect the performance of the floating screed or floor.

Insulation Base for Screed

Sealers can be used to provide dust proofing of a wearing screed (i.e. where no floor finishes are applied) or to harden the screed. It is applied directly to the screeded floor.

If you are researching for your project and require a screed quotation please contact us on 020 7099 6264 or fill in an enquiry form with your project details. We will provide you with a cost effective quotation for a quality screeding solution.

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