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Lytag is a lightweight aggregate called fly ash, which is a waste product in the production of electricity by power stations, making it an environmentally friendly screed system. The fly ash is combined with water and shaped into pellets that are baked at high temperatures. The Lytag is added to cement to form a screed. The benefit of Lytag screed is that it is lighter compared to standard screed and so is ideal for projects where loads are an issue. It also dries quickly in comparison to traditional screed at approx 3mm a day. It has increased thermal insulation and greater acoustic insulation. Lytag screed is environmentally friendly as it uses recycled materials as its base and is ideal for screeding roofs and balconies due to its lightweight qualities.


Site Location: St Pancras Station, Kings Cross, London
Area: 680m2
Spec: 100mm Lytag Screed

Lytag Screeding Kings Cross London

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