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Screeding – What is it and the Process. A Guide to a Perfect Floor.


Screeding – What is it?

Screeding is a type of concrete used to form a level surface. It is used to either to receive floor finishes, to encase underfloor heating pipes or to be left as the wearing surface. (Specialist types can be left without a floor finish). Further more it can laid either on top of an existing concrete base, a damp proof membrane (DPM) or insulation. On top of insulation can be with or without underfoor heating (UFH) pipes. It is very important to ensure the base preparation is correct as it will have consequences for the long-term quality of the screed.

Screed Mixing

Now that you know what is screeding, you will need to know about screed ratios. The screed mix generally consists of sharp sand, cement and water. The standard mix ratio is a 1:4 mix design. Screed needs to be mixed using a forced action to ensure that it is correctly batched. This should be done with a screed pump. A screed will fail if the mix design is incorrect or its not been mixed correctly. Generally this is when a cement mixer or readymix is used. (Readymix is only workable for approx. 4 hrs and it can take approx. 6 hrs to lay an area.)

Screeding a New Build House

Typical site set up at a new build house.

The screed pumps also transport the mix to the working area via hoses. This ensures that underfloor heating pipes are not damaged in the process which is an common complaint when using a wheelbarrow. As a well-established screeding company we are always able to provide a pump for your project.

Screeding Labourer Mixing Using a Screed Pump

Mixing the screed with a screed pump

Laying Screed

To begin, we survey the space with a laser level. We take measurements for the screed depth required (datum) and transfer this across the space. If there are any issues with the levels we will discuss different solutions. Crucially we ensure that this level is applied to the middle of the floor and not just the perimeters. This is a rare practise in our industry. Furthermore when laying the mix, we manually compact it to expel any air. Because this helps prevent voids, hollows and further strengthens it. This is also not a common practice in the industry but it is a method our screeders are trained to do. Consequently if you hammer test our work, it flies off the floor as it is so strong!

Screeding in Progress

Screeding underway at an art gallery.

Screed Flatness

Significantly we lay our screed to the highest standard of surface flatness, which is an SR1 finish (SR stands for surface regularity). This means a perfect surface for your floor finishes – the whole point of having a screed laid don’t you think? If you are quoted for a SR2 or SR3 finish please think again. It will cost you more money and time on leveling compounds, latex or additional adhesive to try and rectify the levels. We are so confident of our abilities that we guarantee to provide you with an SR1 finish and your floors will be perfect.

We can provide you with the correct technical knowledge, experience matched with skills and equipment to ensure the perfect result for your project. Please feel free to speak to us about your flooring needs as we have a wide range of different screeds available. We aim to provide you with the best possible result at the best price!

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